Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunday, November 2 – Rachel Higgins, Caleb Rogers, and Mark Taylor

Our first exhibition shows the work of a trio of artists, Rachel Higgins, Caleb Rogers, and Mark Taylor, who share a sense of humor which is embedded in their distinct interpretations of their environments.


Rachel Higgins is a Brooklyn-based artist originally from Alabama and an MFA candidate in combined media at Hunter College. Her sculpture uses the languages of commercial architecture, domestic decor, and youth DIY culture to struggle with the exclusivity and insularity within artist and activist communities. Exploring sentimental and nostalgic connections to everyday objects and social spaces, her constructions embrace a kind of pathetic charm. Discouragement becomes inspiration for unsustainable structures--precarious, yet happy in their temporary existence.

From the Subletters Show:

Other samples of Higgins' Work:


Mark Taylor grew up in Texas and has a BFA from Texas State University in printmaking. He is recently an Oakland California transplant on sabbatical in Brooklyn. In his new cluster pieces, he responds to his new environment with hundreds of small drawings which are installed overlapping each other in pile on the wall. The intention is an overload of information. He quotes the musician Dan Deacon, whom said it best, "everything at once all the time forever".


Caleb Rogers will show a new series of photographs that sensitizes the subconscious through a flood of images. He has edited street signs, simplistic compositions, and social peculiarities to form a humorous and globalized perspective of contemporary society. The photographs overall presence creates a landscape likened to watching all television channels at once, but paused; a kin to the constant feed of information we have evolved to desire.