Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Friday, December 19 - Vivienne Griffin and Kate V. Robertson

SUBLETTERS GALLERY is happy to present our last exhibition, a two person show of Vivienne Griffin and Kate V. Robertson. Both Robertson's and Griffin's multi-media practice challenges the form and content of beautiful, unexpected, and potent moments. Viewers are absorbed and charmed while art presents itself, as arguably, more then an object. Although they share a passion for homemade construction, each one champions an individual style and personal obsession. This show is bound to be full of wonderful surprises.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sunday, December 7 - Christian DeFilippo, Emily Harris, and Daniel Peterson

Subletters Gallery is happy to invite you to their third show, a wild combination of Christian DeFilippo, Emily Harris, and Daniel Peterson. These artists share a commitment to subtle beauties, as well as life's mysterious intimacies. DeFilippo saturates his collages with color, patterns and vibrant figures. Harris seduces scraps and orphaned materials into lovely compositions and sculptures. While Peterson extracts mood and personal instincts from both his absorbing text drawings, and his naturalistic photographs. Subletters Gallery is officially in high gear with shows every Sunday in December, before x-mas. However, this is a show not to miss!

Sunday, December 7, 6-9pm

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christian DeFilippo

Christian DeFilippo was born in the Bronx, NY. He is currently living and making art in Brooklyn. As an artist, he is interested in the history embodied in people and places. The histories that exists below the surface, so that they go unnoticed unless looked for. Through the medium of collage and painting, he interprets his findings by layering images over one another without entirely obscuring previous images.


Emily Harris

Emily Harris is a Brooklyn-based artist, originally from MN. She received a BFA from Kenyon College, OH. Her love and familiarity of the Midwest's blonde fields and open skies inspire her drawings and textile work. Combining a geometric playfulness with material pattern and texture, she collages different types of fabrics and prints to create intuitive and wonder-filled sculptural vignettes. Similar to a quilter – she refers to her 3-D cubes as quilting squares, she creates pattern out of pre-existing prints, in the end reusing and calling attention to their inherent beauty.


Daniel Peterson

Daniel Peterson is a Portland, Oregon native living in Brooklyn, New York. He likes to take photographs that communicate how he feels, though since moving to New York he has not been able to produce photographs of meaning. He, alternatively, has been making drawings that use a word or phrase that resonate with feelings or anxieties that he is experiencing. He dives into the feelings and thoughts that are associated to the words while a composition unfolds. In this show Peterson will include photographs he took in Portland and the new text drawings.